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By clicking on the Submit button Interlingua LLC online usage policy


  • Access to and use of electronic resources and online content is restricted to authorized users by Interlingua LLC.
  • Authorized users are responsible for utilizing these electronic resources for individual and/or noncommercial use only.
  • No one may systematically download, distribute to non-authorized users, or retain substantial portions of any content.
  • All activities of each user at Interlingua's online class platform will be tracked and registered by the server.


  • Any commercial use.
  • Any systematic or substantial reproduction of the information provided in Interlingua's online data, images, and platform.
  • Any alteration, modification, or repackaging of the information contents in or of Interlingua's online data, images, and platform.
  • Any distribution, in any form, of the information contents of the online service, or material downloaded from the online service.


  • Adding, removing, or modifying identifying network information.
  • Attempting to impersonate any person by using forged headers or other identifying information.
  • Facilitating use or access by non-authorized users, including sharing your password or other login information with anyone.
  • Using any program/script/command or sending messages of any kind, designed to interfere with a user's session, by any means, (i.e., proxy hunters, spiders, robots).
  • Removing, modifying, or obscuring copyright notices or other notices and disclaimers.


Unauthorized use of, or access to these online services may violate the Interlingua online Usage Policy and can result in:

  • Individual losing access to this online service.
  • Misuse of an online service can result in the loss of access for an entire organization and consequent legal action as a result of the violation of the user policy.


I have read, understood, and accepted the Interlingua Online user policy.